• Intensify Nx50 laser...


    Intensify is a stackable constant current laser diode bar driver delivering up to 150A CW current. Unique parallel capability allows stacking multiple Intensify boards to scal up the power. Intensify is ideal for OEM applications such as fiber laser pumping and laser tooling.

  • MiGE 400W AC servo motor


    MiGE series AC servo motors exhibit low inertia and high power density. Motor comes with 2 500 PPR (10 000 counts/rev) encoders and configuration file template for Argon servo drive saving from the hassle and chance of error.

    • -€80.00

    ARGON Servo Drive

    €399.00 €479.00

    Argon is a servo drive designed by Granite Devices. Wide range of unique features consists:

  • SimuCUBE evaluation kit


    A kit for developing a force feedback system based on SimuCUBE and IONI Pro HC drive