High voltage drives

High voltage drives (90-240 VAC)

  • SimpleMotion V2 USB...


    A bundle of SimpleMotion V2 break-out board (SMV2BRK) and SimpleMotion V2 USB adapter (SMV2USB). These are items to be used with any SimpleMotion V2 bus based devices (Argon). SMV2KIT is highly recommended for anyone purchasing Argon drives.

  • SimpleMotion V2 USB...


    A RJ45 cable is required to connect the adapter to the drive (not included). For suitable cables and their suppliers, see this link

  • SimpleMotion V2...

    SimpleMotion V2 break-out board (SMV2BRK) is an accessory to be used with any SimpleMotion V2 bus based devices (especially useful with Argon). SMV2BRK reduces wiring work and chance of error. SMV2BRK is highly recommended for anyone purchasing: Argon servo drives SMV2USB adapter Also notice that SMV2USB and SMV2BRK are available as kit SMV2KIT which has lower cost than the two separately.
  • RS-25-24, 25 W 24 VDC...


    Mean Well 25 Watt 24 VDC power supply to be used with IONICUBE and ARGON devices.

  • MiGE motor cable set


    Extension cable set contains ~3 meter (~10 feet) extension cables for MiGE servo motors.

  • MiGE 400W AC servo motor


    MiGE series AC servo motors exhibit low inertia and high power density. Motor comes with 2 500 PPR (10 000 counts/rev) encoders and configuration file template for Argon servo drive saving from the hassle and chance of error.

  • Argon resolver adapter


    Argon resolver adapter is a small sized device that adds resolver feedback device support to the Argon servo drive.

  • Argon regenerative...


    150 Watt 100 ohm regenerative braking resistor for Argon servo drive. Ideal for 200-240VAC installations. Typically one resistor is sufficient for multiple drives.

  • Argon heat sink


    Optional heat sink for Argon servo drive.