Displayed prices and taxation

  • All prices are displayed tax free by default, exept in shopping cart and checkout pages which will display value added tax (VAT) unless user is logged in as customer that is eglible to purchase without VAT
  • Prices do not include any taxes, customs duties that may be applied at destination country

About Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is a tax that is added to product sales prices automatically depending on customer location and status. Finnish VAT tax is 24%.

Who is eligible to purchase without VAT?
  • All customers outside European union
  • Customers inside EU with valid VAT ID number (companies & organizations)
Who needs to pay VAT?
  • Customers inside EU without VAT ID number (individuals). In this case customer always pays Finnish 24% VAT tax. After sales buyer can apply for VAT repayment from their local tax administration so part of VAT may be refunded to buyer.
  • All customers inside Finland pay 24% VAT
How to order VAT free?
  • For EU community customer enter your VAT code into company ID field at check-out page. Please use the following format: FI12345678
  • If VAT ID is valid, purchase will be VAT free automatically
  • Customers outside EU will get VAT free prices automatically

To ensure validity of your VAT code you may use following site to test:

General information about VAT taxation

If you have any questions, please contact sales.